Despite the recent price hike, Nowra consumers are getting a good deal on fuel according to the NRMA.

On Wednesday, motorists noticed the cost of unleaded fuel at some Nowra petrol stations had been bumped up by 15 cents per litre overnight.

Though some service stations were charging 135.9 cents for unleaded petrol, the average cost of unleaded petrol in Bomaderry, Nowra, Nowra Hill and South Nowra was 121.3 cents per litre at 12pm.

Unleaded prices across the region on Wednesday. Source: NRMA Fuel Check

“Nowra is by no means the most expensive place to buy fuel in NSW,” NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said.

“It’s among the cheapest in the state. Some regional areas into the 140’s.”

Mr Khoury said the international market was fairly stable.

“There’s nothing on a global point that would justify a sharp price rise [in Nowra],” Mr Khoury said

“Crude oil prices jumped by 1.2 cents per litre last week.

“The Aussie dollar’s fallen, you might see slight price increases, only by a few cents.”

Less than six months ago, local consumers were feeling the sting, paying more than 160 cents per litre for unleaded fuel at some service stations in October.

Relief hit in December, with a sharp drop in prices. 

This year, until Wednesday, average fuel prices in Nowra had declined by about 10 cents from 130 cents per litre.

Nowra regular unleaded price drops from about 130 cents per litre to 120 cents per litre from January 1 to February 18. Source: NRMA

Last week, Nowra was the cheapest place, on average, to fuel up in NSW.

“You’re still doing pretty well,” Mr Khoury said.

“Get on the NRMA Fuelcheck app before you fill up. When there’s a servo in Nowra at $1.22, there’s no reason to fill up at $1.35.”

Extracted from South Coast Register