A TEENAGER who punched a service station worker three times to the head in an unprovoked attack left the man with a fractured eye socket which required facial surgery.

The 16-year-old, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was sentenced on Tuesday in the Townsville Children’s Court over the fight at a Kirwan Coles Express Service Station on January 29, 2018.

Crown prosecutor Dominique Orr told the court the victim was set upon by the teenager after locking himself out of the store accidentally after checking on a fuel pump about 4am.

Ms Orr said the defendant began yelling at the worker and knocked his phone out of his hand.

“They argued and pushed each other and then the defendant slapped the complainant in the face and punched him to the left eye,” she said.

The teenager then punched the worker a further two times in the face, before a scuffle ensued, the court heard.

Ms Orr said the worker had suffered “significant injury” and included a cut above the left eye, injuries to his eye, and a fracture of his eye socket.

The worker experienced poor eye movement when gazing upwards and suffered from double vision.

He was hospitalised at the time, and less than two weeks later underwent reconstruction surgery of the left eye socket, which was required, Ms Orr said.

Ms Orr described the incident as a “vicious and unprovoked attack” on a vulnerable victim.

Defence Barrister Michael Hibble challenged that, and instead described the fight as a “moronic attack” by a person who was heavily under the influence of alcohol.

Judge Greg Lynham said the teen had a “dysfunctional upbringing” and the sentence was his 10th court appearance since the age of 13.

“It’s up to you to get your life back in order. I appreciate you’ve had a difficult upbringing, but if you continue going down the path you’ve been travelling, then inevitably, you are going to end up … in the adult jail,” he said.

“If you continue breaking into cars and breaking into houses and as you’ve done on this occasion, getting into fights with people you didn’t even know, then inevitably you’re going to end up in jail.

“That wouldn’t be a good thing for you.”

He teen was slapped with an 18-month detention but will be released after serving 60 per cent served of the ordered sentence.

A conviction was recorded.

Extracted from Courier Mail