The Woolies closure on Friday March 22 means that the Woolworths Caltex Cloncurry petrol station will also close its doors on Tuesday February 26.

However Curry residents will continue to have a supermarket as IGA will enter into a new lease at the shopfront on Scarr St location from March 24.

Woolworths currently employs 47 team members at the supermarket and three at the servo but it not yet known how many jobs will be needed at the IGA.

A Woolworths spokesperson said they “regretted” the closure of the Cloncurry store and fuel outlet due to the end of the lease.

“The local community in Cloncurry have been valued Woolworths customers for around 20 years and we’ve enjoyed being part of their everyday lives,” they said in a statement to the North West Star.

“Our Cloncurry team members are our top priority during this difficult time and we thank them for their hard work and dedication to our local customers over the years.

“We’re now meeting with each team member to discuss options across the Woolworths Group while also working closely with IGA to assist store team members into potential roles at the new store.

“We’ll offer transition support to those who wish to pursue careers outside of Woolworths or the new supermarket.”

The North West Star has sought comment from IGA while Cloncurry mayor Greg Campbell also wanted to speak to IGA before making comment.

The Caltex closure is the latest closure to service stations on the Landsborough and Barkly Highway.

Earlier this year the BP Winton closed while the McKinlay servo has been automated.

This is the second Woolies closure in the North West after the Pioneer stored closed down in Mount Isa in 2017.

Extracted from North West Star