If you feel like you are being robbed every time you fill your tank, you are absolutely right. Tassies are being gouged at the bowser.  In early January, we were paying 40 cents a litre more than Victorians. 

The gap varies from week to week but it is always at least ten cents and there is no economic justification for this. It affects everything Tasmanians do. 

Families pay more to get their kids to school, do the shopping, go to sport and use what little public transport we have in regional Tasmania.  Small businesses struggle to compete with the mainland.

Last month, I asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison to instigate a Royal Commission into fuel prices. The PM has just responded. 

PM won’t rule out inquiry

While he says a Royal Commission into fuel prices is not warranted “at this time”, he had not ruled it out. 

He agrees that fuel prices in Tasmania “look to be of concern” and says “I have made it clear to the ACCC that I expect them to take action on petrol companies and do the right thing by consumers.”

These are encouraging words from the Prime Minister, but I am not convinced the ACCC is taking action and I still believe a Royal Commission would have the same positive impact on Tasmanian fuel prices as it did on dodgy banking practices.

Seeking political support

So I have written to all the Tasmanian federal pollies and our 29 mayors seeking support for a Royal Commission. 

This crisis demands a team Tasmania response, not a party political one. You can join the fight for fuel fairness in a number of ways. Firstly, please sign the e-petition. 

Go to gopetitions.com and search for Royal Commission. You’ll also find a link to it on my Facebook page. Drop me a line and tell me how the fuel price rip off is hurting your family or your small business.

Time to act for change

Some people tell me nothing will ever change. Well, when a little known NSW Nationals senator called Wacka Williams started calling for a Royal Commission into banking four years ago, people told him the same thing. 

He got his commission, which is revolutionising banking. Nothing is too hard if we unite as Tassies and demand action from Canberra.

Extracted from The Advocate