Petroleum industry stakeholder briefing and discussion forum

Industry stakeholder briefing and discussion forum
Wednesday 27 March 2019, 2–4pm, 59 Goulburn St, Sydney

On 1 September 2019, the regulation of underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) in NSW will become a shared responsibility between the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and local councils.

At the forum the EPA will be outlining to stakeholders in the petroleum industry:

• the planned transition to shared regulatory responsibility for UPSS sites

• what it means for the petroleum industry – what will change, what will not

• the program to refresh and update UPSS guidance material

• the training and capacity building program being designed for council officers.

We are seeking your views about these issues and will answer any questions you have about the transition process. We will also receive your suggestions about making the transition as smooth as possible.


In 2008 the Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation introduced minimum standards for the design, operation, maintenance and monitoring of UPSS to help prevent leaks and detect them earlier.

The transition to shared regulation of UPSS sites between the EPA and local councils was always foreshadowed but was delayed by compliance rates, council mergers and capacity issues.


On 1 September 2019, approximately 2000 sites with UPSS, mostly service stations, will become regulated by local councils across NSW. The EPA will retain responsibility for regulating UPSS sites operated by public authorities and those with an EPA licence (approximately 500 sites). The EPA will continue to maintain and update the UPSS Regulation, guidance material and provide support and advice for councils.

Stakeholder briefing

To prepare for the transition the EPA is working on, and will provide information about:

  • updating EPA guidance material on UPSS management
  • training and capacity building for council officers
  • evaluating UPSS operator performance and compliance
  • following up previously exempt or non-compliant sites.

Discussion forum

The EPA is seeking the views of the petroleum industry, including oil companies, independents, service station operators, distributors, contractors, service providers, designers and consultants about the transition process.

Come along, find out about the transition program and let us know what you think about:

  • the key issues
  • the skills and knowledge councils will need to regulate UPSS
  • any concerns you have and what the solutions might be.

The forum will be held at the EPA’s Sydney office at 59 Goulburn St, Sydney.

Please RSVP to

NSW Environment Protection Authority



Ph: 131 555 (NSW only) or (02) 9955 5000

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