Fuel prices are likely to fall before the Easter long weekend but by no more than 5-8c/l from an expensive top of the cycle, experts warn.

And if the low regional prices continue until the weekend, motorists should only buy enough fuel in Adelaide to get to a cheaper country destination to fill up their tank, RAA expert Andrew Clark says.

Adelaide’s average unleaded petrol price yesterday was 160.9c/l and diesel 149.2c/l.

But in the regions, unleaded prices were far lower including at Port Wakefield (142.9c/l) Tailem Bend (143c/l), Kadina and Victor Harbor (143.2c/l) and Renmark (143.9c/l).

“The cycle has been trending down as it should but this week it is peaking before the Easter drive,’’ Mr Clark said.

“But we have hit the peak and we should be on the roller coaster down. We say there is probably a five or eight cents per litre saving before Easter begins.”

Mr Clarke said Australia was suffering from destabilisation in global fuel markets which had led to wholesale unleaded petrol prices for Adelaide retailers increasing from 117c/l to 135c/l this year.

But with an average above 160c/l in Adelaide yesterday for unleaded petrol, retailers were still able to sell at 25c/l more than they paid for it.

Motorists could buy unleaded yesterday in Adelaide for as low as 142c/l at Liberty Windsor Gardens if they shopped around.

Comparethemarket.com.au spokeswoman Jenny Williams confirmed motorists should wait until later this week to fill up with unleaded petrol.

“Adelaide is at the top of its cycle and should ease off slightly leading into the Easter long weekend,’’ she said.

Extracted from news.com.au