The Coalition has rolled out ads at over 12,000 petrol stations across the country, as part of its bid to target undecided voters and circumvent the media blackout on political advertisement that kicks in on Wednesday night.

The “Pump TV” ads are currently playing at petrol stations across five states and will continue across the final week of the campaign, right until polling day.

Filling up with petrol is one of the rare times Australians are without their phones and the Coalition are hoping to catch the eyes of voters who are unsure about Labor.

The 14 second bower ad is a variation on the “Bill Australia can’t afford” message that the Coalition says has been cutting through in tracking data and focus groups across the country.

“Higher taxes, higher debt, weak economy,” the ad says next to a picture of Bill Shorten.

The ads play on a loop next to the petrol bowser, in the direct eye line of motorists.

Unlike TV and radio advertisement, these ads can continue after the ban on TV and radios comes into force.

A Coalition campaign source told The Australian they aren’t aware of petrol station ads being used before in election campaigns.

The source said the ads are just aspect of the ramping up of advertising the Coalition has planned for the final days of the campaign.

Extracted from The Australian