WHILE the blame squarely lands on the shoulders of the car drivers doing the wrong thing, some truckies think service station staff need to take more responsibility when car drivers are caught hogging the truck bowsers.

Their comments come after Big Rigs shared a story of motorists using the truck bowsers at the Coles Express Shell servo in North Gundagai recently.

Jason Garland said he didn’t mind if they filled up and got out of the way before going to pay but it was the ones who went and pay, left the car there and took their time before coming back.

Jarrod Salmon said the solution was simple.

“Car pulls into truck bowser, console operator doesn’t start the pump. It needs to be a simple message over the loudspeaker stating trucks only,” he said.

Jared Galway agreed: “They should be enforcing the trucks-only by not turning the pumps on when a car pulls up to a truck high-flow pump and redirecting them to the car pumps.”

Extracted from Big Rigs