GOLD Coast motorists who fail to shop around before filling up with petrol are paying more than 40 cents per litre more than they should be.

RACQ listed the unleaded fair fuel price for the Gold Coast as 124.9 cents per litre this morning.

But service stations within a short drive of each other had stark differences in pricing.

Coles Express Molendinar at 501 Olsen Ave listed its price as 165.9 as of 5.23am, while Caltex Woolworths Australia Fair at 64 Ferry Rd was more than 42 cents cheaper at 123.5.

Out of 40 service stations on the RACQ Fair Fuel Price website, four were listed below the fair price this morning: United Labrador, United Southport, Caltex Woolworths Australia Fair and United Parkwood.

United Parkwood had an unleaded price of 124.5, while the other three cheapest stations boasted a price of 123.5.

Freedom Fuels Arundel and United Arundel matched the fair fuel price at 124.9.

More than half of the service stations listed (26) had prices of 165.9 — which was 41 cents higher than the RACQ fair fuel price for unleaded.

RACQ advised drivers the price of unleaded on the Gold Coast would trend upwards and it was worth filling up today.

Meanwhile, RACQ listed the diesel fair fuel price for the Gold Coast as “too high” at 143 cents per litre.

Out of the 40 service stations, only five were listed below the fair price.

Freedom Fuels St Clairs listed a price of 138.9, Pacific Petroleum Labradors’ price was 139.9, Caltex Woolworths Australia Fair’s price was 140.9, United Parkwood’s price was 142.5 and Puma Southport’s price was 142.9.

The highest price listed for diesel was BP Nightowl Southport at 153.9 — which was 10.9 cents higher than the fair fuel price.

RACQ states the Fair Fuel Price is “based on market data” and its own research.

Last week, RACQ outed petrol stations where topping up is consistently costing motorists more.

Extracted from Courier Mail