The operator of the new service station in Crookwell, Ezy Fuel, is aiming to have the dormant service station open during the first week of August.

Marcel Dagher, a spokesperson for Ezy Fuel, said that there was no substantive reason for the delay in opening, it was “just the way it worked out.”

 Operators of the Mobil service station aim to be open in the first week of August.

Its construction was completed by the Barker Group in May. Travis Barker, of Barker Group, said the development was then sold to a Wollongong investor. The primary tenant remained the same.

From as early as next week, the store will begin to light up with the installation of electronics and connection to the NBN. The fridges will also be stocked.

“We’re aiming for the first week in August,” Mr Dagher said.

Ezy Fuel will operate the service station while the fuel supply agreement is with Exxon Mobil.

Extracted from Crookwell Gazette