Derrinallum’s only service station has opened its doors once more, restoring hope to the tight-knit community.

There were fears for the future of the country town when the former operator shut up shop in July without warning, forcing the community to travel further afield for its fuel needs.

Seeing the servo restored has allayed fears of other business owners, who worried people would bypass the town altogether.

“It’s good to see it up and running again,” Derrinallum IGA cashier Kim Harmes said.

“I know a lot of farmers on the outskirts weighed up whether they would come here, Mortlake or Skipton if they needed fuel.

“A few have come back and said it’s a bit easier for them. People are stopping again.” 

Derri Takeaway owner Kym Gordon said it had lifted spirits in the community.

“It’s boosted the morale in town, people seem to be happier,” she said.

President of the Derrinallum Progress Association Kevin Molesworth recently renovated the service station and said he has confidence in the new operator, who is from Sydney and runs multiple service stations.

“I was the renovator and carpenter who did it, Metro poured a lot of money into it so it’s good to see it open again,” he said.

“All we need is someone who knows what they’re doing, and this bloke seems to know what he’s doing.

“The town is happy and excited to have it open, it’s very supportive of the service station and always has been.”

He said the servo has always been renowned for its low fuel prices.

“They’re dedicated to giving the best prices and getting fuel through those pumps,” he said. 

“Metro have a policy of trying to maintain the cheapest fuel in the district, and they’re also talking about putting on a ‘happy hour’ for customers a few times a week.

“It will be good if the farmers and big buyers get behind them, Metro always do a good deal for farmers and property owners.” 

Corangamite Shire Council Mayor Neil Trotter welcomed the news.

“It’s really great to see it open again and operating,” he said.

“It’s a really important business in Derrinallum. Anything that pulls people into town to spend time there is a great thing.

“We hope the new operators do well and that they get a lot of local support.”

Metro Petroleum has been contacted for comment.

Extracted from the Standard