WORKS on a new fuel station at Minyip could start as early as next month.

Residents have been fighting for a new fuel station since 2017 when the town’s only station closed after BP Advance sold Hopetoun, Murtoa and Minyip fuel outlets to Lowes Petroleum.

The new ownership required fuel outlets to adhere to a new Environment Protection Authority ruling that no fuel pumps could be on the street because a spill could leak into drains.

The changes meant the current fuel outlet could not operate at its existing site and was forced to close.

Minyip Progress Association fuel sub-committee’s Keith Daniells said things were now moving ahead.

“According to GrainCorp, the sub-division of the land has been registered,” he said.

“VicTrack has given consent to the sale, a requirement due to a VicTrack caveat on the land.

“Following on from there we then await the new titles to confirm the separation of the land parcel.

“Hopefully it will be done and dusted by the end of the month and we can start building next month.”

Fuel distributor Bonney Energy will install and service the equipment.+2

Mr Daniells said the project stilled needed funding.

“We still need money – we need about $120,000,” he said.

“We were turned down for a grant by the state government, which was a blow.”

Mr Daniells said the Minyip Progress Association would host a town meeting on Wednesday night.

“We will answer any questions that people have and discuss funding,” he said.

“I think once we can explain everything to the town, some people with a bit of pocket money to spare might donate it towards us.”

Mr Daniells said people were pleased to see the project moving ahead.

“Although it will be tight we hope to bring back this vital service to Minyip early December,” he said.

The new full station will consist of three pumps, including unleaded and diesel.

“It will all be operated by a card machine. It will a bit self-funded tank – it looks like a big container,” Mr Daniells said.

“The only involvement we’ll have to have is landscaping and keeping the place neat and tidy.

“There is no need for staff or any other involvement.”

Mr Daniells said the community meeting would be on August 14 at 7.30pm at the town’s memorial hall. 

Extracted from the Mail Times