BP has confirmed fuel sold at its Lindisfarne site was “off-specification due likely to an incorrect delivery”.

An investigation was launched on Friday following multiple reports of cars breaking down after owners had filled up with unleaded 91 fuel.

Complaints included cars shuddering, blowing black smoke, losing power or stopping completely.

A BP spokeswoman yesterday said the unleaded 91 and diesel pumps would remain closed until the contaminated fuel had been removed from the underground tanks.

“Incidents like this are rare and we’re really sorry it has happened,” she said.

The 95 and Ultimate 98 fuels were not affected.

Impacted customers are encouraged to phone 1300 130 027 during business hours.

To submit a claim as part of the BP fuels guarantee, customers will need to provide their fuel receipt and take their car to a licensed mechanic to diagnose the issue.

For full details visit: hwww.bp.com/content/dam/bp-country/en_au/products-services/fuels/bp-fuels-guarantee-brochure.pdf

Extracted from Daily Telegraph