Campbelltown Council has been awarded $400,000 in compensation from oil giant Caltex, settling a fuel leakage dispute which lasted more than four years.

In the Environment, Resources and Development Court last week, Judge Jack Costello said the council was entitled to compensation for protecting swimming pools from potential leaks from a service station on Lower North East Rd.

The council had been forced to spend $150,000 on a membrane underneath two pools at The Arc recreation hub in Campbelltown.

It also spent more than $23,000 in legal costs seeking compensation from Caltex.

The council claimed in court documents it had sustained expenses as a result of “a plume of hydrocarbon contamination” moving from land owned by Caltex onto its land at The ARC.

“I am satisfied that the council should have the whole of its costs, and that they should be paid by Caltex,” Judge Costello said.

Extracted from Daily Telegraph