NPD opened a new petrol station in Gore on Friday.
RACHAEL KELLY/STUFFNPD opened a new petrol station in Gore on Friday.

NPD opened a new petrol station in Gore on Friday, healing some of the pain motorists sometimes feel at the pump in Eastern Southland.

The station was offering an opening weekend special, selling regular 91 octane petrol for $1.859 and diesel for $1.179.

That is even cheaper than what was originally indicated by the company.

NPD southern region area manager Graeme Fraser at the company's new station in Gore..
RACHAEL KELLY/STUFFNPD southern region area manager Graeme Fraser at the company’s new station in Gore..

Chief executive Barry Sheridan said on Thursday that NPD would have an opening special of $1.889 for regular 91 and $1.199 for Diesel. 

NPD southern region area manager Graeme Fraser says business has been steady all morning, but so far there hadn’t been any queues.

“The locals are starting to hear on the grapevine that we’re open.”

He had been on site helping customers use the 12 new self-serve bowsers.

When asked if the station was selling the cheapest fuel in the country today, he said “probably. I’d say so”.

Amelia Evans drove her boyfriends’ car from Waipahi, north of Gore, to fill up at the station.

“He got a text about it and asked me to bring it in. It’s usually $140 to fill up so this will be much better.”

Bob Gould, of Gore, also received a text saying the station was open.

“We’ve always been ripped off for petrol prices in Gore so this is good. When Gull opens it will be even better.”

The new Gore site will be the first in the town to offer 100Plus, NPD’s new high-octane petrol. 100Plus is one of the highest octane, road legal petrol grades to be offered in New Zealand from an established fuel retail network.

Not all of the town’s other stations had caught on that NPD was offering cheaper fuel on Friday. 

One eagle-eyed motorist said the Z station had dropped the price of regular 91 by 39 cents and diesel by 40 cents overnight and at lunchtime on Friday it was retailing at $1.92 for regular 91 and $1.23 for diesel.

The town’s Caltex and BP stations were both charging $2.319 a litre for 91 and $1.659 for diesel at lunchtime on Friday.

Gore motorists have complained about fuel prices in the district for many years, often paying 20 cents more than Invercargill.

Gull is set to open a station at the town’s former Mobil station later this month.

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