Nader Petroleum is a fuel retail business that has been operating in the South-Western Sydney community for more than 45 years. The business started with a single service station operating under the AMOCO Brand in Lakemba in 1971.

The business has since grown to operate four sites – Chipping Norton, Condell Park, Yagoona and its flagship store at Smeaton Grange – which all operate under the umbrella of the BP Brand.

“One of the most valuable things you learn from being in a community for such a long time is its history”, said owner and operator Eddy Nader

“The community grows to know you and you them – and that is a very valuable asset for any local business”, Eddy added

Like most of the businesses of its time, Nader Petroleum has lived through the industry’s transition from a fuel and automotive repair business, to a fuel business selling drinks and confectionary, to a contemporary petrol convenience business.

“When we decided to transition our business from simply selling fuel and confectionery to full-blown convenience, we decided to rebrand our stores. But the transition wasn’t simply about changing the signage on the store.

“Our goal was to create a space where people could get good food and coffee on the go, as well as providing a pleasant space for people to take 5 minutes out of their busy schedule to relax”, Eddy continued

And so, the Urbanista Café brand was launched in 2015, at our Smeaton Grange store, and over the next two years launched at our remaining three stores.

Together with the change in Brand, the business ventured into social media and has used this medium to raise awareness of the Urbanista brand and generate affinity for this brand within its local community.

“But we couldn’t just be about selling good coffee and good food – I was keen to continue to build on our 40 year plus history of serving our local community by doing something that enhances the lives of people in our community”, Eddy said

So, every year, in September, the business launches a charity promotion where 30c of every cup of coffee sold in Urbanista Café’s network is donated to a charity.

“We wanted to make this fundraising effort personal, so we always choose a Childrens’ charity that means something to someone we know in our local community”, said Eddy

This year, Urbanista Café, chose FAST- the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (See Angelman is a rare congenital disorder characterised by mental disability and jerky movement which is caused by the absence of certain genes in specific chromosomes.

We knew people in our community who had a child suffering from this Syndrome and so that is why we picked FAST as our charity for 2019.

“Our staff love these events as we get people who actively seek us out to buy their coffee and be part of doing something worthwhile”, said Eddy.

The Charity initiative is promoted via social media and the business attracts people that they don’t normally see at other times of the year.

“We had a customer this year who travelled from Manly to Yagoona – a round trip of around 3 hours in Sydney traffic – just to visit our café and support the cause”, said Eddy.

The response to this year’s promotion was phenomenal. The promotion attracting locals, passing tradies, the Mayor, local councillors and even members of the Canberra Raiders.

Have a look for yourself: Link

“These sorts of events are a welcome break from the usual negative commentary and, at least from our perspective, they help build a valuable connection with the communities we serve”, concluded Eddy

We congratulate you Eddy – and all the team at Nader Petroleum.

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