South Australia’s peak motoring body has ramped up its push for real-time fuel pricing in the wake of two reports that show motorists could make significant savings.

The RAA says results of a Queensland trial, which found real-time fuel pricing increased the cheap petrol cycle from six days to 10, is enough evidence for SA to implement the scheme.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman in March last year promised the State Government was committed to immediate reform on real-time fuel pricing data.

But Ms Chapman yesterday said the State Government was continuing to monitor the two-year Queensland trial, which started in December last year.

A Royal Automobile Club of Queensland report found there had been a shift in the way price cycles worked since the trial started.

It found there were more than 35 cheap days a quarter between January 1 and September 30, compared with 26 days a quarter in 2018.

An Australian Consumer and Competition report, released this week, found motorists who filled up at SA’s cheapest fuel retailers saved up to $159 last year.

Fuel prices in Adelaide hit a 10-year high on Monday, jumping to an average of 170.1c/l, the highest since 173c/l in 2008 which was caused by highly unstable oil prices.

RAA spokesman Mark Borlace said interstate results provided enough real-time fuel pricing in SA.

“Motorists deserve the same accurate information available interstate so they can take advantage of cheaper prices when buying fuel,” he said.

“RAA is disappointed the State Government hasn’t yet delivered on its election commitment to help cash-strapped households by providing real-time fuel pricing information.

“It’s not only empowering motorists with accurate, timely information so they can fill up when fuel is cheaper, but also appears to be creating additional competition between fuel retailers.” Mr Borlace said the New South Wales and Northern Territory governments already required service stations to provide real-time fuel prices, which are published on websites and apps. Ms Chapman, pictured, said the State Government was awaiting a “comprehensive assessment” of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland trial but noted the commentary was “positive”.

“The Government is unapologetic in doing the right research into real-time fuel pricing. The last thing we want is to increase fuel prices for South Australian families,” Ms Chapman said.

Extracted from The Daily Telegraph