A controversial service station and five-shop development in Camperdown has been scaled back, three years after the council gave it the green light by council.

Corangamite Shire councillors in 2016 unanimously voted in favour of approving the plan for the corner of Manifold and Curdie streets at the town’s eastern end – subject to 40 conditions.

Now developer and land owner SHA Premier Constructions Pty Ltd has submitted a new planning permit which outlines a number of changes to the original plan.

The changes include: moving the service station back from the street, removing the five shops from the plan, increasing the number of pumps from three to six (including two high flow), an LPG tank at the back of the site and widening vehicle entry and exit points to Manifold Street.

SHA’s Leenata Shah said the company acquired the site with the approvals and didn’t think the original permit suited the site.

 The site on Manifold Street.

“We just thought a convenience store was the right approach for the site and for the community,” she said.

“We wanted to make more use of the site by doing more landscaping and creating bigger parking to relate to the convenience store as the previous parking looked too small for the area.

“We thought five shops and the parking was not commercially viable or comfortable for the users.”

Although located in the commercial zone, the site backs on to residential properties. A two metre-high fence is proposed to provide a screen to protect nearby homes.

A Woolworths’ Caltex service station is located only 100 metres west on Manifold Street.

Designs outlined in the planning permit.

 Designs outlined in the planning permit.

Other changes include increasing the height of the pylon sign from seven metres to eight metres and making the canopy roof larger.

The original permit approved the illumination of one sign, while the new permit seeks to include an additional five illuminated signs: two on the canopy cover and three on the building.

“In our approach we have made sure there is fencing for the neighbours to help with anything that might be a concern,” Ms Shah said.

“First and foremost United fuel is way cheaper than any other and we are comfortable with the competition up the road.

“We want to give the town a choice for cheaper fuel.”

The site was originally a service station, which closed in the early 2000s, buildings were later demolished and the site has since been vacant.

The old service station before it was demolished. The site is now vacant.

 The old service station before it was demolished. The site is now vacant.

Extracted from The Standard