RACQ says despite petrol currently selling for bargain prices in south east Queensland, only one quarter of all drivers would actually take advantage of the cheaper prices, with pulling into the servo driven by necessity rather than frugality.

An RACQ survey found 60 percent of motorists filled up when their tanks dropped to one quarter full or when their fuel light flicked on rather than when prices were cheap.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said those who purchased when prices were low instead of when their tank neared empty could make substantial savings.

“Transport costs, particularly fuel, take up a large portion of our household budgets, but the key is knowing when to buy up and when to avoid the bowser,” she said.

“In the south east, fuel works on a cycle and we see prices go from cheap to expensive and then back again every few weeks.

“We urge drivers to buy when prices are low, as when retailers hike, they can rise as much as 40 cents per litre and that can really hurt the hip pocket, especially if you have to fill up from empty.”

As the average price of unleaded fuel in Brisbane fell below 134.7 cents per litre, Ms Smith said now was the best time for drivers to refuel.

“Cheap fuel is widely available across the River City and throughout the south east, so get out there and grab a bargain while they’re on offer,” she said.

“Use the price comparison apps and websites on offer to us to locate the best deals and fill up accordingly.”

Extracted from Beaudessert Times