A caravan-owner has accidentally caused a diesel spill at Gunnedah Caltex, with Fire and Rescue crews from Gunnedah and Tamworth called in to clean it up.

Fire and Rescue Gunnedah captain Dave Welch said the accident occurred “unbeknownst” to the driver.

“The caravan has clipped the bowser and torn the hose off the pump, unbeknownst to them, and the fuel’s spilled out,” Mr Welch said.

HAZMAT crews from Tamworth helped with the clean-up process, using Fire and Rescue absorbent and sand provided by Gunnedah Shire Council to cover the spilled spots.

Mr Welch said crews also tested drains on the street to ensure everything was safe.

“We’ve tested it at the storm water drains and there’s no evidence of anymore diesel down the drain,” he said.

When the NVI spoke to Mr Welch he said they were waiting for a street sweeper to dispose of the sand and absorbent safely.

Extracted from Namoi Valley Independent