In all this sadness and concern over the current and ongoing crisis facing Australia, it’s reassuring to know Small Business has on our side an advocacy group in COSBOA (the Council for Small Business Organisations Australia). The upheaval for SMBs caused by the catastrophic conditions in a huge area of South Eastern Australia should not be underestimated and whilst those in the political space may argue about whether or not the climate changes (which are undeniable) are caused by human impact or natural causes the change is here. There can be no more debate that drought, is here. The most devastating fires since records began, are here. Climate change, is here. The question only remains, what are we going to do about it?

Welcome to the show Mark McKenzie, Chairman of COSBOA.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Let’s remind the listeners again of the role of COSBOA and why as the peak advocacy group for small business in Australia you are perfectly positioned to relay the impact on small businesses of these recent climate changes to the Australian Government?
    • Small business is a barometer of the economy both locally and nationally
    • How do your members – the professional associations & their members – communicate their concerns to you as an organisation
    • What are your top line objectives for 2020?
  • Those of us fortunate to live in the cities around Australia may not really understand what impact these fires are having on Small business in regional Australia. Sure, we might have to pay more for food but we can largely continue on unimpeded with our own businesses. In the real world what have been the impacts of drought and these massive fires?
  • In your report as the Chairman of COSBOA you state you’d like to see the Australian Government “promoting actions that support the capacity of our population to adapt to the new reality created by climate change.” In terms of policy, what would you see change in the short term for support?
    • Rethinking water management
    • Energy usage
    • Industrial relations law
  • What are COSBOA’s suggestions for 2020 and beyond of other support for small business in these changing times? Does this support look like grants to boost certain sectors of the economy, a loosening of regulations & red tape, or changes to procurement processes?

To find out more go to their website and to read their 2020 vision


Extracted from Small Biz Matters