BP and Qantas have kicked off the first stage of their new partnership. From 1 February, Qantas Business Rewards members can earn Qantas Points when buying fuel with their BP Plus card.

The changes come into place after BP ended its partnership with Velocity. However, the full changeover to Qantas is going to take some time.

The retail customer is going to have to wait a little while longer. BP and Qantas are still going through the process of getting ACCC authorization for the partnership. At this point, that approval is expected later this month. As such, we may see retail customers earning points a month or two after that.

Qantas Business Rewards and BP Plus

The BP Plus fuel card has replaced the Caltex StarCard as the Qantas Business Rewards fuel card partner. This card is aimed at businesses with a fleet of vehicles. Among its features, it offers discounts and a monthly invoice. And as from 1 February 2020, you can earn Qantas Points by linking it to your Qantas Business Rewards account.

When using your linked card, you will earn 1 Qantas Points:

  • for every 2 litres of 91, 95, Diesel and Ultimate Diesel
  • for every litre of Ultimate 98
  • per $1 on eligible in-store purchases

BP Plus

BP Plus is free to join, however, there are monthly fees that vary depending on the number of cards your business holds. If you hold 1 or 2 cards, the fee is $4.95 per month per card. If you hold more than 2 cards, the monthly fee is $2.20 per card.

Launch Offer

As a launch offer, Qantas Business Rewards members signing up to BP Plus between 28 January and 30 April 2020 are in line for a bonus of up to 100,000 Qantas Points.

Firstly, you can get 50,000 Qantas points by spending at least $150 on fuel per month for the first five months. The second lot of 50,000 points is on offer to businesses that purchase at least 20,000 litres of fuel within the first six months.

Extracted from Fly.Stay.Points