TOOWOOMBA residents have accused the city’s petrol stations of price gouging, which have been revealed as the worst in regional Queensland right now.

New data compiled by the RACQ has revealed the Garden City’s average unleaded fuel price as of yesterday was 155.4c per litre, more than 10c above the average price for the state outside the southeast corner.

The organisation said the current average was also more than 16 cents higher than what it considered was a fair price for Toowoomba (139.2c per litre).

Outraged pensioner Peter Sims said he became furious when he watched prices at his local Caltex servo jump by double digits within the span of a day last week.

“It’s just a rip-off, this price cycle is a con on people,” he said.

“Petrol stations are essential services, and they’re taking advantage of it.

“I talk to every person I see, and no one has agreed it’s all right – everyone said that it’s a rip-off.

“(But) this is what the petrol stations count on – no one taking action.”

Mr Sims called on the Federal Government to develop legislation to stop wild jumps in fuel prices.

“We need legislation to stop these price cycles,” he said.

“If the price of a barrel of oil doesn’t go up, the retail price shouldn’t go up.”

RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie encouraged motorists to vote with their wallets and fuel up at service stations offering cheaper prices.

“No matter where drivers live, everyone should be doing their research and making sure they’re finding the cheapest fuel in their area by using comparison services like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder,” she said.

As of noon yesterday, the most expensive fuel in Toowoomba was 159.9c per litre at BPs stations in East Toowoomba and Rangeville, while the cheapest was 144.9cpl at the Caltex Toowoomba depot on Taylor St.

Extracted from Balonne Beacon