The State Boarders are about to close, and like everything in the current COVID-19 crisis, confusion and questions are being raised.  Specifically will employees who are commuting across boarders to work be allowed to cross? 

“The advice coming out of the highest levels at the moment is that the boarder crossing restrictions will not apply to workers who have to commute across boarders in order to attend work” explained ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“It is understood that the State governments are working with the police and other authorities to implement processes to streamline boarder crossing for workers who are working in sensitive industries, including those working for fuel retail and wholesale businesses.  What this streamlined process will look like is unclear at this time, however, announcements are anticipated soon” continued Mark.

It is clear that the process of sealing a boarder within a federated nation is a complicated one, and that there will be confusion and adjustment to the processes as the time goes on. 

ACAPMA will keep this article updated with any changes, and will incorporate this article into the consolidated resource articles ACAPMA is maintaining covering COVID-19;

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