TWO former senior Caltex employees who created an app providing fuel discounts to motorists say over 3000 Queenslanders have signed up.

EzySt, which launched at 250 service stations across Queensland in November, offers discounts of up to 8¢ a litre.

Co-founders Nick Jarvie and Ben Everitt came up with the idea while working for Caltex, saying they saw an opportunity for an app allowing customers to compare deals and find discounts.

“We charge a small commission to the fuel retailer,” Mr Everitt said.

“What’s in it for them is that, like any businesses, they want to grow their customer base.”

He said it was now looking for investor capital, having initially funded the project themselves.

The app has struck partnerships with Caltex-Woolworths, Puma, Pacific Petroleum and a number of independent service stations.

Mr Everitt said EzySt had been most successful in attracting small businesses and “price-conscious” motorists and now had about 10,000 users nationally after launching in Western Australia and New South Wales as well.

Nanny Sara Lasander, 22, who hails from Finland but has been living in Noosa for 18 months, said she downloaded EzySt to save on her fuel bill.

“I drive the kids to school, I do all the errands for the family, I literally drive everywhere for them,” Ms Lasander said.

“My family recommended it, they told me I should use it because it would save money for petrol.”

She said she often drove over 400km a week and had saved several hundred dollars over the course of three months on EzySt.

Ms Lasander said the app also showed her where the cheapest petrol was in the area.

“It’s really worth it, especially for people who drive a lot,” she said.

Businesses using EzySt include Yatala-based equipment hire company Brisbane Access, which spends over $1,000 a week on fuel.

“It’s making a big difference for me,” managing director Kurt Noble said.

“The higher-than-average fuel costs in this state have a major impact on our business,” Mr Noble said.

Extracted from Courier Mail