A petition requesting a Parliamentary Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria, specifically Yarrawonga, will be tabled at the Victorian Government’s June 12 parliament sitting.

Yarrawonga fuel stations have been slow to pass on cheaper fuel prices seen in other towns and larger regional centres recently angering local residents.

Local State Member for Ovens Tim McCurdy told the Yarrawonga Chronicle it was very frustrating that the Yarrawonga community who works so well together was being “gouged” by the fuel retailers and he will be taking the petition to parliament in June.

“Petrol and diesel in other parts of the state has seen a massive price reduction at the bowser and yet we are getting ripped off in Yarrawonga.

“Petrol pricing in Yarrawonga has a flow on effect as some choose to shop out of town and buy a tank of fuel elsewhere, which then reduces shopping locally.”

Mr McCurdy said his petition was ready to be signed at the Yarrawonga Newsagency or you can go online and sign local resident James Brogan’s petition.

“There are two ways that you can sign the petition (a) online via James Brogans online petition at Change.org or (b) sign my petition in person at the Yarrawonga Newsagent.”

Extracted from Shepperton News