The RACT has again called for the Tasmanian government to act on petrol prices in the state.

RACT executive general manager, membership and community, Stacey Pennicott said since March 1, 2020, Tasmanian motorists had been overcharged nearly $13 million.

She said an admission by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims he was powerless to investigated fuel prices in the state left the government no choice but to act.

“We appreciate the government’s calls for the ACCC to investigate, but now that has been ruled out the government needs to act immediately,” Ms Pennicott said.

“Motorists need to shop around but the government also needs to play its part by legislating for real-time fuel price reporting.”

Ms Pennicott said real-time fuel price reporting was effective in driving down prices.

“It’s already the law in New South Wales and when Queensland trialled it motorists saved $122.8 million in just 12 months,” she said.

“With COVID-19 hurting the whole community and household budgets stretched to the limit, the last thing we need is to be paying more than our fair share for fuel.

“The RACT stands ready to work with the government to develop real-time fuel price reporting.

“The sooner the government acts, the sooner we can all start saving.”

Premier Peter Gutwein said real-time fuel price reporting was a matter the government was actively considering at the moment.

“Obviously petrol prices are something that concerns Tasmanians,” Mr Gutwein said.

“We have had ACCC inquiries in the past and we still have prices out of step with the mainland.”

Earlier this week, Labor consumers affairs spokeswoman Jen Butler also called for the government to address this issue.

“At a time when so many Tasmanians are struggling financially and global oil prices have plummeted, petrol retailers must pass on savings to customers,” Ms Butler said.

“Labor urges the government to act quickly to enforce the weekly publication of petrol prices by legislation.”

Extracted from The Examiner