TWO men wearing gloves, hoodies and red bandannas over their faces have held up a service station on Brisbane’s southside at knifepoint overnight, stealing a cash drawer containing $240 and running off into the surrounding streets.

The hooded assailants walked into the 7-11 Sunnybank Hills service station at 82 Pinelands Rd at 12.25am this morning. Police said that one man brandished a small knife while the other told the attendant, “Give me the cash,” and tried to jump under the Perspex counter to snatch the cash drawer.

The attendant opened the register and handed over the drawer, which contained about $240 cash, to the man making the threats.

7-Eleven Sunnybank Hills at 82 Pinelands Rd. Picture: Google Maps
7-Eleven Sunnybank Hills at 82 Pinelands Rd. Picture: Google Maps

The pair then ran off into the night. Responding police said they believe they saw the pair approximately 1km away near Runcorn Railway Station at Beenleigh Rd. The empty cash drawer was discovered a short distance from the service station. It had no fingerprints.

Patrols of the immediate area and local park between Gowan Rd and Beenleigh Rd heading towards Penarth St failed to locate offenders, who remain at large.

The man who tried to jump over to counter was wearing a grey hoodie with dark coloured tracksuit pants and white sports shoes, carrying a blue sports bag with white stripes, had a red bandana over his face and wearing gloves. His nationality is unknown.

The man with the knife was wearing a black hoodie with red bandana over his face, dark coloured pants, white sports shoes, wearing gloves and carrying a black bag.

Officers from the Acacia Ridge CIB are investigating.

Extracted from Courier Mail