A petition with approximately 1200 signatures calling for action to address high fuel prices in Yarrawonga will be tabled in Victorian Parliament this week by Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy. 

The online petition was started by James Brogan, just one Yarrawonga resident fed up with the ongoing high petrol prices in Yarrawonga. A second paper petition was also set up in the Yarrawonga Newsagency to sign.

“Enough is enough, our petrol prices have been ridiculously high for long enough while towns surrounding us have experienced a change,” Mr Brogan said.

“Most of the comments on the online petition have been of the same consensus, that residents are sick and tired of fuel prices not dropping and that elevated petrol prices are unjustified for our town.

“The petition of certain residents of Victoria draws to the attention of the house the ongoing high fuel prices that are experienced in regional Victoria, in particular Yarrawonga.

“The petitioners therefore request a Parliamentary Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria specifically Yarrawonga, in the Ovens Valley electorate.”

Mr McCurdy said the matter of high fuel and diesel prices in Yarrawonga had long been an issue in the town and was highlighted again when a drop in fuel prices experienced elsewhere during COVID-19 was not reflected at Yarrawonga bowsers. 

“Yarrawonga residents continue to endure these high fuel prices and even when prices are dropping elsewhere during the Coronavirus those same decreases aren’t happening in Yarrawonga,” Mr McCurdy said. 

“Local people are very tired of the fuel prices in town remaining high even when other locations experience a drop.

“About 1200 people in total have signed an online petition and a paper petition in Yarrawonga over the past month. 

“Petitioners have commented they are sick and tired of paying excessive fuel prices, that fuel in neighbouring towns can be more than 20 cents per litre cheaper than Yarrawonga and that fuel prices in town are always higher than elsewhere. 

“I will table the paper petition in Parliament next week and will ask for a Parliamentary Inquiry on the matter as well as request the ACCC meet with Yarrawonga residents to address the questions they have regarding fuel prices.” 

The petition highlights the ongoing high fuel prices that are experienced in regional Victoria in particular, Yarrawonga, and calls for a Parliamentary Inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria, specifically Yarrawonga, in the Ovens Valley electorate.

Extracted from Banalla Ensign