Engagis announces the completion of the roll out of a digital signage media network supporting 1000+ screens across 500+ StarMart and Foodary petro-convenience retail sites Australia-wide.

The rollout was rapid to maximise incremental sales and monestisation from the media network. 440 StarMart sites were completed in 3.5 weeks and 70 Foodary sites were completed within 2 weeks. The peak deployment being 51 sites in a single day.

The high definition screens will be supported by new media players and content and advertising will be managed and distributed using Engagis’ proprietary cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) called Eze Impress.

Engagis will provide 24/7 support for the network.

Engagis partnered with specialised media sales company Motio (part of XTD, ASX: XTD) who will have exclusive media rights for 5 years and will facilitate advertising access to shoppers at Caltex/Ampol’s StarMart and Foodary retail stores across Australia.

“We were keen to partner with Motio so we could provide a compelling overall solution for Caltex/Ampol which allows them to monetise their extensive retail footprint to drive incremental sales,” says CEO of Engagis, Leon Condon.

Anonymous data collection will be used to tailor campaigns and messaging for specific audiences at particular locations and communicate with customers at the point of purchase, driving an increase in sales.

“The Caltex/Ampol digital signage network is a very powerful communication channel and media network providing direct access to shoppers at the point of purchase,” says CEO of XTD Adam Cadwallader.

“Engagis was the perfect partner for Motio because of their extensive experience in deploying and managing large scale digital signage networks.”

Extracted from Convenience World