Queensland motorists are being urged to choose wisely with where they decide to fill up the tank.

Bowser prices in the south east are averaging around the dollar mark at the moment, however RACQ has revealed there are still some service stations out there that are unnecessarily price gouging.

“We’re urging drivers to avoid Coles Express, they’re attempting a very early price hike in Brisbane,” the motoring body warned.

It’s understood three sites have already hiked their prices up to a whopping 135.9cpl.

“Give your business to one of the many other servos charging around $1!” RACQ tweeted.

“Some fuel companies on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane’s south-western suburbs have already dropped prices below 100cpl and in the next few days we hope to see more retailers do the same.”

On the Gold Coast, the average price of ULP is today sitting around the 99.9cpl mark.

Motorists are being encouraged to make sure they’re using apps and shopping around to ensure they’re filling up for the best price possible.

“Filling up for the cheapest price can save you hundreds of dollars every year, it also helps drive competition in your area,” RACQ says.

Extracted from My GC