AFTER a failed attempt to pay for fuel with a giftcard, Garry John Kay decided to instead steal it – a crime that was only picked up two years later. .

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the Dalby Magistrates Court Kay attempted to pay for $40 worth of fuel with a gift card on April 8, 2018.

When the card was declined, he made arrangements to pay for the fuel at a later date, and left. He neglected to pay the fine for close to two years.

Duty lawyer Clare Graham suggested to the court Kay be put on a good behaviour bond as he “made attempts” to pay for the fuel on the spot.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Kay the crime had come back to “bite him in the butt” after two years of letting it go.

Kay pleaded guilty to one count of stealing.

He was fined $80 and ordered to pay $40 compensation to Caltex Parkridge.

No convictions were recorded.

Extracted from Balonne Beacon