The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) permits the use of state-controlled road (SCR) land by third parties for the operation of Roadside Fuel Facilities (RFF). This permission is provided at appropriate locations, under certain conditions and permits are issued for set periods of time.

To be an RFF there must be an Operator Agreement between TMR and the facility operator.

This week, TMR released new draft policy and draft guidelines relating to the operation of RFF’s in Queensland. The draft policy is intended to replace the existing Service Centre Policy (2013) and the associated Access Policy for Roadside Service Centre Facilities on Limited Access Roads.

A copy of the new draft policy can be downloaded at:

The operation of the draft policy for RFF’s in Queensland will be supported by a series of associated Guidelines and Policies which have also been released for stakeholder comment. These materials include:

TMR is now seeking stakeholder feedback in relation to the draft policy and draft Guideline, including from fuel retailers. Specifically, feedback is being sought in seven specific areas, namely:

  1. Should the policy and guideline apply to all state-controlled roads rather than only limited access roads?
  2. Should the policy and guideline apply to existing service stations that upgrade to these standards?
  3. Should roadside fuel facilities be accessible from local roads?
  4. Should accommodation be permitted/encouraged at roadside fuel facilities and if so under what conditions?
  5. Should drive-thru facilities be permitted/encouraged at roadside fuel facilities and if so under what conditions?
  6. Is it the role of this policy to control the types of development at roadside fuel facilities, or should this be left to the market and/or development assessment process?
  7. Should placement of corporate logos on official traffic signs located on state-controlled roads be permitted?

ACAPMA is now preparing a submission by the closing date of 24 June 2020. To assist with this process, members are invited to provide input to this process. Such input can be provided via email at or by contacting the ACAPMA Secretariat by phone on 1300 160 270.