A Gippsland ex-motocross champion has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison for robbing a petrol station in Sale to feed his gambling problem.

On September 26, Adam Miller, 37, formerly of Longford, left work in Traralgon and drove to Sale, where he stopped to get fuel at a petrol station.

Miller withdrew $240 from two automatic teller machines and then gambled the cash away on the poker machines at a nearby hotel.

The Victorian County Court heard Miller left the pub at 7:00pm and then drove into a motel car park down an alleyway alongside the same petrol station where he had earlier refuelled.

He changed into a black hooded jumper, pulled on some tracksuit pants and gloves and covered his face with a T-shirt after biting two holes in it for his eyes.

At 7:34pm he took a blue jemmy bar, and climbed onto an upside-down pot plant to scale a fence and break into the petrol station.

The court was told Miller approached a young female attendant who was working alone, and demanded she open the till, after first smashing an ATM to intimidate her.

Stolen cash put straight into pokies

Miller stole $700 cash as well as the coin tray before dropping a $50 note as he scaled the fence to get back to his car.

“You went back to the Star [hotel] and fed all of the money back into the poker machines and lost the lot,” Judge Gregory Lyon said.

The court was told Miller went to a friend’s house after the burglary and left her house around 10:30pm.

He then drove the back roads to Rosedale where he attempted to break into another petrol station, which was closed.

“You put on the same clothes, covered your face and attempted to break in … you smashed the glass door and an alarm went off, so you fled,” Judge Lyon said in sentencing.

Miller, who grew up in Newborough, pleaded guilty to armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, and intentionally destroying property.

“Your actions in confronting this young, female, solo employee are objectively frightening, violent and cowardly … and would stay with that young victim for a long time,” Judge Lyon said.

Miller is a former motocross racer who won Victorian and Australian titles as a child and as an adult.

He placed first in the 2017 FIM Oceania SuperMoto Championships and won the Victorian title at the Victorian Road Championships in 2015.

The court heard he spent seven years working offshore as a driller in Papua New Guinea and Kuwait but hit “rock bottom” after his marriage of 16 years ended in 2018.

Miller has already spent 294 days in custody and must serve at least another eight months in prison before being eligible for parole.

Extracted in full from: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-17/motocross-champ-adam-miller-jailed-for-robbing-petrol-station/12466092