Fuelwatch is urging motorists to fill up their tanks today to avoid the weekly price hike, as regular unleaded petrol is set to rise by 25 cents per litre tomorrow.

Perth’s weekly price cycle sees petrol at its cheapest on Monday and Tuesday, with fuel at its most expensive on Wednesday and Thursday.

The cheapest fuel available today is at Costco Perth Airport in the South for 99.7 cpl, United Osborne Park in the North at 99.9 cpl and Better Choice Bellevue in the East at 102.5 cpl.

If you can’t fill up tonight, Fuelwatch advises their are still some servos selling below 104 cpl tomorrow.

Costco Perth Airport in the South will still have fuel available for 99.7 cpl, United Osborne Park will also keep prices static at 99.9 cpl, while 7-Eleven Midvale and Caltex StarMart High Wycombe will have the cheapest price in the Perth’s east at 102.9 cpl.

The difference between the lowest and highest priced sites will be 46 cpl – meaning you could save up to $27 on a 60 litre tank of fuel.

Extracted in full from: https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/motoring/fuelwatch-reveal-perths-cheapest-petrol-before-weekly-fuel-price-hike-ng-b881601955z