LONDON: A man in Las Vegas has become an online celebrity for all the wrong reasons after being filmed trying to refuel an electric vehicle at a petrol station.

The Tesla Model 3 owner was filmed attempting to fill his car with petrol by magician Justin Flom, who posted the funny footage to his Facebook page.

In the video, which has amassed 20,000 interactions and more than 4,500 comments, Flom asks “Tesla, at a gas station?” as the driver gets out his car. 

Flom and his passengers are not initially sure if he is attempting to buy fuel, but soon begin laughing as the driver pays for petrol and attempts to put the fuel nozzle into his car.

Unable to fit it in, the bemused Tesla driver moves to the other side of the car to check and even opens the trunk and the bonnet of the car.

Visibly frustrated, the driver then begins searching on his phone for answers. Flom’s video captures the moment he realizes his mistake and expresses his annoyance.

Flom shared the footage on Wednesday with the caption: “He tried to put GAS in his TESLA.”

People commenting on the video wrote: “I think he bought Tesla while sleeping, I mean people generally knows the specifications of the car he is driving.” 

Another added: “Surprised the person who sold him the car didn’t explain it doesn’t need gas. Poor guy! Eventually he would have found out about it.”

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