Emergency services are still at the scene of the Petrol station in Cartagena that was ripped apart by a massive explosion

According to early reports, the theory is that scheduled maintenance work triggered off the fireball when a worker using an electric saw accidentally ignited petrol vapour present in the underground tanks at the station.

The 112 Emergency Coordination Center of the Region of Murcia had received several calls alerting to the event and responded quickly at around 11.45 this morning. Apparently, gas station operators were handling one of the underground tanks using a radial saw, which could be the cause of the explosion that occurred at that time.

“The explosion felt like an earthquake,” eyewitnesses in the area have explained, claiming that at least some of the wounded “have been blown up.”, such was the force of the explosion at the petrol station.

Firefighters have engulfed the station with foam while the police have cordoned off the area, relatives were informed of the casualties and are with the injured at the hospital.

Two people are undergoing emergency burns surgery, at the time of writing no further information is available regards possible outcomes, however, a local witness described one of the injured being taken to the ambulance as “unrecognisable as a human being”. Let’s hope they make a swift recovery.

Extracted in full from: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2020/07/14/breaking-news-massive-explosion-rips-through-spanish-petrol-station-injuring-four-two-seriously/