A driver has had an incredible near-miss while trying to fill up her car at a petrol station in Tasmania.

Shocking CCTV video posted online shows the woman narrowly avoiding serious injury after a motorist accidentally started to speed off with the fuel nozzle still attached to their vehicle.

In the heart-stopping footage, a black car is seen driving away from a petrol pump at Shell in Bridgewater, causing the hose connecting the bowser to the vehicle to stretch.

After a few seconds, the pressure becomes too much and the metal and rubber device is flung from the vehicle at an explosive speed.

It narrowly misses a woman’s head and body while she attempted to pay at a nearby self-service machine.

The bewildered bystander is seen looking around in confusion while other shocked drivers watch on in horror.

Shell are now hoping to track down the customer so they can offer her free fuel for the unfortunate experience.

Extracted in full from: https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/terrifying-close-call-after-tasmanian-drives-off-with-petrol-pump-still-attached-c-1180550