According to a survey by Carsales many younger people have brought forward their license test because of the coronavirus – public transport now seen as a mode of transport where you’re more likely to contract covid-19 – and maybe a reason why used car sales have been so strong.

3291 car buyers were polled, 588 of whom had only recently obtained their driving license.

The surprise – many responders placed a car’s fuel efficiency ahead of any other consideration when buying a car – close to 70 per cent of newly licensed drivers rating fuel economy the most important criteria.

Fuel efficiency rated ahead of purchase price, an uncertain future obviously playing heavily on their weekly running costs.

Safety was a relatively distant third, brand recognition fourth, styling and appearance fifth, in-car technology sixth.

The latter perhaps because most young people carry a phone with the very latest technical features so in-car technology is not the draw card it once was.

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