The company said it’s taking onboard research in 2019 that showed most motorists no longer valued the traditional service approach at their petrol station.

Changes would be implemented from October 1, 2020, but in-store attendant roles would be kept.

Where roles may be impacted, Z Energy said retailers will be looking to redeploy where they could, however it is possible that there may be redundancies.

Z’s General Manager of Retail Andy Baird said having a friendly face on the forecourt was a key point of difference for the company, but times have changed and most Kiwis prioritise different things when it comes to their fuel retailer.

“The recent addition of Sharetank to Z App, along with Fastlane and pre-order coffee are a testament to this approach and align with what our customers are telling us: that they want to fill up at a competitive price, get on the road quickly and have a moment of reward or enjoyment, and that they’re increasingly using digital solutions to do so.”

The company said it is mindful of those who would usually require assistance in the forecourt, and is currently working through what can be provided for those that need it.

They say more details of what that may look like will be shared in the coming months. 

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