Unleaded petrol at the bargain price of just over $1/L won’t be around for long as the majors try to spike the price by around 50 per cent, the RAA has warned.

RAA spokesman Mark Borlace said a small number of profiteering outlets were now selling for 145c/L, despite increasing sales volumes meaning their post-COVID-19 profits were being restored anyway.

“Buy as soon as you can, unless you are going away for the weekend and then be careful because as Adelaide prices go up they will quickly overtake the current country prices,” he said.

“Prices are being spiked today (Thursday) but there are some good bargains out there and there is a good saving to make a 45 cents per litre difference.

Mr Borlace said most price spiking during the COVID-19 lockdown had been around 35-38c/L so the current attempt at 45c/L represented a more aggressive approach by the majors.

“The industry will argue that the volume has dropped and so we have to make our profits somehow, but we are starting to see traffic return to normal so that is false,’’ he said.

“We don’t see fuel sales volume data but we can see traffic data and it has increased significantly in Adelaide in the last two weeks.”

The MotorMouth App, which members use to track cheap prices, reported a number of petrol stations with prices close to $1/L for unleaded yesterday.

In the north west X Convenience at Croydon Park and Woodville North were selling for 107.5c/L, United at Pennington for 108.9c/L, and Liberty at Woodville North and Woodville for 107.9c/L.

In the west Southern Cross at Fulham Gardens was selling for 111.9c/L, X Convenience at Brooklyn Park for 107.9c/L and at Torrensville for 107.7c/L.

In the south X Convenience Cross Rd was selling for 109.9c/L and Liberty Old Noarlunga for 111.9c/L.

In the east X Convenience at St Peters was the only outlet still selling at a reasonable price; for 111.9c/L.

Extracted in full from: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/petrol-prices-are-spiking-and-you-need-to-fill-up-now/news-story/e11a50ecda9c9ccaa48cf6d1f6254ece#comments