Complained about a face mask Monday, staff reduced to tears on Tuesday, lady ringing on Wednesday, and now this Cork service station says enough is enough.

Face masks becoming mandatory this week has led to the odd clash in shops across the country as staff try to deal with disgruntled customers who don’t want to comply.

Although children and people with reasonable medical excuses are exempt from the rule, a small amount of people outside that category have decided not to heed the regulation which has resulted in some staff having to step in and advise.

Now a petrol station in Shangarry has revealed one woman, who refused to give her name, even rang in to have a go at them for asking to wear a mask.

Broderick’s Filling Station also said one of their staff was brought to tears after an elderly couple had a go over the rule.

Ed, Hazel, and the rest of the team praised the majority of welcome customers who understand it needs to be done – but have asked that annoying minority to give it a rest with the complaining and get on with it.

Broderick’s said: “On Monday I had a very disgruntled gentleman over the wearing of face masks, Tuesday I had a member of staff reduced to tears over an elderly couple and their thoughts on face coverings.

“Today a lady rang the shop to complain about a member of staff confronting her over not wearing a mask saying they were very rude and making her feel very upset.

“She wouldn’t give her name but it was me that asked her to please wear a mask, her not knowing what she had said was about me.

“I did ask her to put on a mask like I have asked everyone else in a polite manner but she was quite happy thinking she was getting someone in trouble.

“This is not easy for us and to be honest this week has been a struggle for all of us here but we have to do our job. Thanks to everyone who understands Ed,Hazel and all the staff.”

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