Australians will be asked to STOP .. and SHOP AUSTRALIAN in the first ‘National Buy Aussie Day’ to be held next week on Thursday October 1st. The retail and business initiative is a “call to arms” for shoppers to support Aussie small businesses dealt a string of economic disasters in 2020 following droughts, bushfires, floods and now the financial devastation caused by COVID-19.

Real retail turnover growth is expected to fall -1.4% in 2020 which will be the worst year on record in Australia.

National Buy Aussie Day Founder Chris White is hopeful every Australian will do their bit on the day whether it is $2, $20, $200 or $2,000.

“In the way that Singles Day in China and Black Friday in the United States have become landmark shopping days, we hope October 1 will forever be our National Shopping Day, supporting Aussie owned businesses producing Aussie made goods,” said Mr White.

“As we grow year on year, hopefully other nations that love Aussie made products, such as the United States and United Kingdom, will also support our National Shopping Day and therefore open more Aussie businesses to global markets,” he said.

There are 2.2 million small businesses across Australia, with the sector accounting for almost half of Australia’s entire workforce, which is in excess of 5 million workers, and just under 60 per cent of total employment growth in the private sector.

Small Business makes up one fifth of our entire national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and contributes to more than a third of all production across the country.

Right now, around 900,000 Australian businesses are surviving on some form of Government support.

It is expected 1.25m Australians will be without a job by Christmas at an official unemployment rate of 10%, although the “real”unemployment rate is universally accepted will be closer to 15%.

The Federal Government has already indicated that the Budget Deficit over the next 2 years will be a staggering $270 Billion, with Government debt exploding to $852 Billion which will take 30 years to pay off.

Treasury has also confirmed that the recent Victorian lockdown will rip another $12 Billion from the Australian economy in the September quarter alone.

“I, like hundreds of thousands of Australians, have a small business that has been impacted throughout 2020, and it is the great unknown that is the scary thing for us all, particularly when income support is wound back” said Mr.White.

“When small businesses thrive, so does the Australian economy – it is quite logical as we create more jobs at home and money stays here. I think we all want to look for ways to support each other right now and this is a simple way people can make a difference,” he said.

National Buy Aussie Day has been launched today by Sydney 2000 Gold Medal Beach Volleyballers Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Cook.

Today marks 20 years to the day the pair stood on the Olympic podium together to take gold in one of the highlights of the Games on the iconic Bondi Beach.

Pottharst and Cook are thrilled to be lending their support to the day.

“Sydney 2000 was all about national pride and national unity and right now Australia needs that feeling again more than ever. It’s hard to comprehend the year the nation has endured,” said Pottharst.

“Every Aussie can join together next Thursday to help a mate in a small business. It’s the Australian way to support each other during the toughest of times,” said Cook.

Fellow Gold Medal Olympian Grant Hackett will be the “face” of the day on 1st October which marks two decades since the Sydney Olympics ended.

“October 1 2000 will be a day that is forever etched in my memory and while we should choose Australian made first when we shop, I hope that October 1 will always be a day when Aussies stop and shop Australian,” said Hackett.

Chris White is thrilled to have such iconic Aussies supporting this important day on our road to economic recovery.

“For too long we have been relying on foreign nations when what we produce at home is among the best in the world. If we make conscious decisions in the way we shop then manufacturing can move back,” said Mr White.

“Research continually shows that Australians prefer to buy Australian, so National Buy Aussie Day is a tangible opportunity for every one of us to make a real difference and support the businesses of our families and friends that are the real cornerstone of our National economy, and are struggling like never before,” he said.

Australians can get more information and secure a “sneak peek” of National Buy Aussie Day by visiting