Businesses in NSW will now be able to register as to utilise the compliant record keeping functionality of the Services NSW app, which will allow them to display a QR code and make sign in easy for the customers that have the Service NSW app installed on their device. Businesses will still need to maintain their own alternative record keeping process to capture those guests who are; underage; from overseas or interstate; or do not have the ServicesNSW app installed and registered on their device, leading to multiple systems for each venue.


From Services NSW…

The new COVID Safe Check-in makes COVID Safe record keeping easier for businesses and sign-in quick and contactless for customers. 

Businesses who have registered as COVID Safe at will receive an invitation from the NSW Government to download their unique COVID Safe Check-in QR code, to display in their stores.

Customers use their Service NSW app to scan the QR code and the check-in automatically captures the date, time and location, and stores them securely on a NSW Government database for the sole purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing. After 28 days, the data is destroyed.

This tool provides a voluntary option for interested businesses and anyone who has been unable to access this type of system. Businesses already using QR codes can continue to do so. 

Customers will find the app is quick and simple to use. It’s contactless and their personal data is secure.

Electronic record-keeping is encouraged for all businesses and is compulsory for many industries. COVID Safe Check-in provides a free, secure, accurate and easy way to meet the requirements for the collection and storage of customer details.

Registering when you enter a business could help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We’ve seen how quickly COVID-19 can spread and the impact it can have on businesses, community and the economy. It’s a simple step, but one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and the community.