Preparing for a road trip for the school holidays? If you need to fill up your tank ahead of your wander out yonder, visit the bowser tonight to save money.

With the holiday break starting this week and running until October 11, WA families are expected to pack up the car and take the kids to explore the State in droves.

But before you hit the road, you might need to visit the local servo.

Fuelwatch is advising motorists looking to avoid paying more for their petrol to fill up tonight, as Perth fuel prices are set to rise by more than 30 cents per litre tomorrow.

The average price of regular unleaded petrol will increase to 134.2 cents per litre on Wednesday.

If you can fill up today, the cheapest petrol in Perth is available at:

  • NightOwl Shell Bellevue in Perth’s east for 99.6 cpl
  • Costco Perth Airport in Perth’s south for 97.7 cpl
  • Vibe Morley in Perth’s north for 98.5 cpl.

If visiting a petrol station isn’t in your Tuesday night plans, there are still 45 sites selling below 102 cpl tomorrow.

The difference between the cheapest and most expensive petrol stations is 50 cents per litre, meaning you could save up to $30 on a 60 litre tank of fuel.

The cheapest fuel in Perth on Wednesday will be available at:

  • Costco Perth Airport in Perth’s south for 97.7 cpl
  • 7-Eleven Bassendean and Vibe Morley in Perth’s north for 99.5 cpl
  • Caltex Starmart High Wycombe in Perth’s east for 101.7 cpl

Perth’s weekly price cycle results in prices, on average, being cheapest on Monday and Tuesday and at their most expensive on Wednesday and Thursday.

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