A professional snake catcher could face criminal charges after staging photos of a dangerous tiger snake clinging to a petrol bowser.Melbourne snake catcher Raymond Hoser told nine.com.au yesterday that he was called by staff at Coles Express in Nunawading, in the city’s east, to remove a deadly reptile that crawled from underneath a car and wrapped around the pump.But 9News can reveal today that the Coles Express staff did not call for help and that the rescue appears to be merely a stunt.

Snake catcher Raymond Hoser.
Snake catcher Raymond Hoser has admitted to staging an encounter with a tiger snake. (Snakebusters Australian Snakeman)

“They are deadly, you get bitten by a tiger snake and it’s pretty intense … they’re quite erratic,” he said then.And police are now investigating the matter. Mr Hoser could face charges of reckless conduct.Mr Hoser today admitted to 9News the snake was his own and he had mocked up the photos.

This deadly tiger snake was captured at a service station in Melbourne.
Mr Hoser shared photos of a tiger snake coiled around a petrol pump in Melbourne. (Snakebusters Australian Snakeman)

Extracted in full from: https://www.9news.com.au/national/snake-catcher-investigated-admits-tiger-snake-on-petrol-pump-melbourne-was-staged/635f41ae-4fe4-4d84-912b-f75856594340