The Tasmanian Government remains committed to reducing the cost of living for all Tasmanians.

Since launching the Fuel Price Reporting Scheme earlier this month, approximately 10,000 Tasmanians have utilised the technology (website and app) to access real-time fuel prices and find the best deal for fuel around the State.

All Tasmanians are encouraged to download the free app. The combined market power of motorists is expected to drive down prices at the fuel bowser.

Under the scheme, fuel retailers are now required to update their prices as soon as changes occur, providing a vastly enhanced level of transparency for consumers. More than 230 fuel retailers have registered for the scheme, creating real competition for the motorist dollar, and Tasmanian fuel retailers are urged to ensure that any global price reductions are passed on to consumers as a matter of priority.

The ‘Fuel Check Tas’ app is available for free download at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, or to access the website visit –

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