If you like coffee, then you’re going to love Pret A Manger’s new subscription service – which lets you have a whole lot of your favourite caffeinated beverages for a monthly fee.

The subscription service launches today, and if you use it to its full advantage could work out at just 13p per coffee for those who sign up. So just how can you become a subscriber, how much does it cost – and does this mean you can get your hands on unlimited coffees? Here’s what you need to know…

How to sign up for the Pret subscription service

You can sign up for the service via the Pret website. When you do so they will send you a voucher via email, which you can download to your mobile wallet. You can then use this to order the coffee of your choice at your local Pret, scanning your QR code at the till when you do so.

The subscription can be used for a range of Pret hot and cold drinks

The subscription will cost you £20 a month and covers all of the hot and some of the cold drinks available on the Pret menu, including coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, as well as iced coffees, cold brew, frappes, and smoothies.

Flavoured syrups and extra shots of coffee are also included in the deal.

The monthly £20 subscription has been described as an ‘introductory offer’ – although there’s no suggestion currently that the price may increase.

Can you get unlimited coffee with the subscription? The offer does not entitle you to unlimited coffee – although you can buy a maximum of five drinks per day with the subscription, which adds up to a whole lot of coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate even).

Briony Raven, Pret’s director of coffee and packaging, said: ‘It’s Pret’s way of doing loyalty. ‘It’s about giving people an easy choice when they come back into their everyday routine.’

Extracted in full from: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/08/how-to-sign-up-for-the-pret-a-manger-subscription-service-and-does-it-include-unlimited-coffee-13238903/