Three people escaped injury when a car collided with a truck at the Gocup Road-Snowy Mountains Highway intersection on Wednesday.

It is the first major accident at the intersection since the recent works to increase safety were finished, and comes ahead of a state government announcement scheduled for today (Friday) regarding a further upgrade of the crash hot-spot.

It’s understood that a roundabout is the preferred option.

Between 3pm and 3.15pm on Wednesday, a Toyota hatchback drove into the intersection from Gocup Road and struck a Western Star truck-and-dog heading west on the Snowy Mountains.

The car struck the lower footstep on the truck’s right side fuel tank, ripping the step right off and heavily damaging the front of the car.

While the two elderly people in the car and the truck driver were shaken up, no one was injured. The airbags in the car deployed.

The truck driver said he only noticed the car just before it struck the truck.

He pulled over west of the intersection and went to make sure the two people in the car were okay.

Witnesses to the accident went to the scene and rendered assistance, and police and paramedics arrived soon after. Police directed traffic and while there was little or no fuel or other fluid leakage, there was much debris to be cleaned up.

The government stated in 2017 that traffic lights would be established at the intersection, but later shelved the idea.

Instead it settled on $1 million of improvements to the intersection, which included removing vegetation, upgrading line marking and signs, and installing medians, kerbs and safety barrier to help guide vehicles through the intersection.

The work was completed mid-2020 and is considered not good enough by many, including Snowy Valleys Mayor James Hayes who described it as “lipstick on a pig.”

In May, the intersection was the scene of a fatal collision that claimed the lives of a 29-year-old pregnant Canberra woman and her 10-year-old daughter.

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