In addition to adopting minor changes to the ADG Code by adopting the latest version (Edition 7.7), the NSW Regulations for the transport of Dangerous Goods has been amended.

The NSW Government has made the Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Amendment (Model Law) Regulation 2020 to give effect to recent national model amendments by introducing new offences for which penalty notices can be issued.

These offences pertain to the duties of road and rail transport consignors, loaders, prime contractors, operators and drivers, with some breaches, like directing or inducing a driver to park or leave a dangerous goods vehicle in a way that doesn’t comply with the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (ADG Code), attracting on-the-spot fines of $4,000.

For a copy of the NSW Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulation 2020 see;

For a copy of the latest edition of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (Edition 7.7) see;